She was a summer girl, a Rorschach girl
A girl you could see in so many ways. You said
She was a door to another world
And when she opened, you almost stepped through

She was a roller-coaster girl
Lips that tasted of beer and bug spray
She was dizzy with love and wouldn't hold still
She was too loud and always had too much to say

She was a girl with skirts cut a little too short
On a bike that she rode a little too fast
Bug-bitten thighs and chipped nails that hurt
A girl who forgot to shave

Like water in sunlight, now here and now gone
You couldn't write your name on her skin
Oh she'd have drowned you in love
Had you ever dived in, but you were afraid to swim

She was a summer girl, not a year-round girl
You're too wise for these things and it wasn't her fault
The other nine months just outweighed her
This girl you could see in so many ways

KB ©5/2015


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