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The Dark Electric

This is an excerpt from the memoir I'm writing, which covers a short period of my childhood growing up in Alaska, Europe and California. The book explores the fractal lines between imagination and madness, religion and reality. The storyline tracks a little girl through dealing with trauma and its repercussions in a world devoid of child psychologists but rich in a bond with the wilderness. Here we see the dragon, Nameless, beginning to emerge.

A line of light enters my dream, a crack thrown under the door. It marches across my eyelids, finds me where I am snuggled deep in a nest of blanket and bear and stuffed bunny, and pries me awake. My mother’s voice calls me softly, her weight settles next to me on the bed. It is very late at night or very early in the morning; I burrow my head beneath the pillow to escape her. “Get up, sweetie,” she says gently, “the lights are out, you’ll be sorry if you miss them.” I think actually I won’t be sorry, but now she is lifting me, blankets and…

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