Love! Now! This!

If Jesus Christ came back today, he would probably say something like


It doesn't have to be Jesus. This crowing, laughing loon could be the Buddha, he could be Dr. King, he could be Rumi. The message is the same: Love. Create. Be good. Don't judge. It's easy to write this guy off as just another maniac--we do that every day, every time we pass by a street dweller holding up a sign that says any variation of the word "Help." We do it every time we come into contact with a person whose hygiene, social status, mental acuity or personal opinion differs from our own.

Which leads to the question--Why do we, as a culture, automatically assume someone like this is "crazy?" He's not wearing enough clothing and he is not speaking below a decibel that allows us to walk on by and pretend we haven't heard. He doesn't modify his behavior to fit inside the bounds of our culture's "acceptable" limits. Therefore, what he has to say is meaningless. (Who's crazy now?)

Here's a thought: maybe crazy is a good thing. Maybe it's a wholly unprecedented way of seeing/interpreting reality. Maybe it makes room for growth, for miracles. If you're crazy, you can't understand the impossible. You can't put limits on what this day, this present moment, might hold. It holds everything. It is Now. It is Perfect. And it is all we have.


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