Physics tells us that the universe
is exploding.
All of its bodies grow inexorably
farther and farther from one another
at an increasing rate of speed.
Dark energy
hurls them apart.

One day someone will stand
on the surface of this planet
with her high-powered futuristic telescope
more badass than the Hubble
and look out and see no galaxies
no planets
no shooting stars.

She squints through its one infinite eye and spies
only blackness
only emptiness.
She believes she is alone.

Will that person,
that distant future astronomer,
remember an ancient time when there were nebulas?
When there were suns that warmed other worlds?
That all of it is still out there
reachable if only she knew it was there?

Or will she believe her own eyes?

KB © 8/7/2013


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