This Dream, Heaven

Marilyn sits cool and coy
tipped back in her easy chair
like a long summer dream.
She calls to the baseball boys, laughs
while the Babe trots out the bases.

Together they are 
everything sweet about America
home of baseball and movie stars
the Cleavers and the Cosbys
their dark days stashed 
behind fluoride smiles.

The boys strut their stuff for Marilyn
and she eggs them on with raucous cheers.
Eternal sunlight skips down her legs
her smile flashing whitely
as one by one the balls go hauling
like birds in flight
toward the distant fence.

All is good
this dream, heaven
this dream, America.
The Babe pulls his cap down 
to shade his eyes, squinting
famously against the noonday sun.


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