And now we are awakening.

Comes a sudden streak of daylight
Across the stretch of desert at our doorstep
Which, today, is Arizona.
(Yesterday our doorstep was New Mexico
And the day before that no longer matters)

We are awakening again to the slow spin of earth
Under sky. 
It is an ancient ritual, this dance
This sweet rumbling tango around the sun.
Our simple skins and all they contain—
Tongues and fingertips, ribs and soft bellies
Crest of a hipbone, tender bitten thighs—
Already know the dance.
Even last night
We followed its steps while the moon watched,
Laughing sideways at us in the dark.

But now--morning. 
We push back the darkness
Emerging naked into a cool desert dawn
Made new.

KB ©5/21/12


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