There is a parallel universe
on the other side of town
where you say you don't live
but still do.

When you leave my house
you fall into a time warp
and come out the other side
where there is a family
and there are sports
and schedules
and busy things to do
like save vicious dogs
and other families
and people you don't like
and people you do.
In your universe I do not exist.

Over here, in this universe, there is a house
that I clean and a bed that I make
because you have so quickly left it
and I can't stand to see the place
where your body has lain
next to mine
and I can't stand to be the woman
making the bed
and waiting for the phone to ring;
I was never that woman
before you were that man.
This is not the universe I want--
not the universe I created.
This is someone else's universe
and somehow
I must find the right one,
the one that is mine
and reclaim it
which means evicting the sad actress
who has somehow taken over my life.

Out with you, actress.
And you--you in the parallel universe
on the other side of town
with the busy family
and the thousand choices to make
which do not seem to include me
or this sweet house
or this messy bed
or this beautiful life--you
stay where you belong this time.

There is only room for one universe
on this side of town.

KB © 6/26/2013


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